Apple’s Mac and iPad Devices Score Highest Customer Satisfaction in 2019

Ipad Credit: Daniel Korpai
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Two of Apple’s flagship products had the highest customer satisfaction rate in the U.S. in their respective categories, according to new data published today.

Specifically, iPad and Mac owners continued to report higher customer satisfaction rates than other PC or tablet makers in 2019, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Laptops and PCs

Overall, Apple earned an ASCI score of 83 throughout 2019, the ASCI Household Appliance and Electronics Report indicates. That’s the same score that it achieved last year, meaning that Apple’s customer satisfaction rates have remained pretty consistent.

Apple’s devices earned top marks across a variety of metrics, including everything from device design and features to availability of apps and software. The ASCI says Apple demonstrates an advantage “across all aspects of the customer experience.”

“In the overall industry rankings, Apple stays on top for a second year with a stable and high ASCI score of 83, and its customers have by far the highest expectations,” the report reads.

  • For comparison’s sake, Samsung earned the next highest score with 81 points.
  • Following Samsung was Amazon with 79, HP with 78, and Acer with 77.

While Samsung’s score dropped by 1 point year-over-year, the company continues to be the “industry leader” in the desktop category, with Apple coming in second. The ASCI notes that Apple’s laptops and tablets win out, securing Apple’s place at the top of the list.

Interestingly, PCs and tablets still lag behind smartphones for overall customer satisfaction. Among computers, desktops actually have higher levels of satisfaction than notebooks or tablets.

As far as the methodology for the report, the ASCI compiles its data from interviews with nearly 300,000 customers annually.

Smartphone Satisfaction

Apple didn’t just do well in the PC and tablet segment. It also consistently ranked among the best in customer satisfaction in the smartphone category as well.

Earlier this year, the ASCI conducted a survey of U.S. smartphone owners and released it results in June.

  • Apple and Samsung actually tied for first in that survey, both with a score of 81.
  • It’s worth noting that while Apple’s 2017 iPhones tied with the Galaxy S8+ and other Android flagships (with a score of 83), Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 managed to get the high score of 86.
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