Apple’s Latest Patent Will Make Their Stores Even Cooler

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Apple stores are some of the most iconic stores in the world. From the glass staircases, to the simple layout, to the ever-present Geniuses, Apple stores stick out among the rest.

In fact, their store design and layout was patented back in 2013. It is hard to NOT recognize an Apple store. Now, Apple has gone and filed a patent that could help them put their retail stores above the rest.

smart_ceiling_2As of last week, Apple was granted a patent for smart ceiling lighting. The patent “details an indoor lighting installation comprised of wall-to-wall lighted ceiling panels and linear light troughs” that will convert the entire ceiling into one uniform lighting system. The design entails long ceiling panels that can be lighted in numerous ways, either via LEDs or other light sources.

One of the best things about the design is that it allows for other electrical equipment (ie. cameras, speakers, etc.) and required building specifications to be built around the lights. Furthermore, Apple’s iBeacon hardware (Apple’s Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology) can also be integrated with the new lighting system.

Apple believes that this innovative way of lighting its retail stores will help to improve the customer experience, as well as offer optimal space for product displays.

This new patent and overall design will pair nicely with Apple’s new retail design of being a more simple, upscale brand that appeals to the tech-guru in all of us. The facelift is due in part to the duo of Apple’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, and Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, and includes a more modern look with glass storefronts, wooden bookcases, and brighter store spaces.

You can preview this patent at the Apple Store in Brussels, which opened in September of this past year, or the new and improved Cupertino location.

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