Apple’s Latest iOS 15 Betas Still Have Data-Hogging iPhone Storage Bugs

Download iOS 15 on iPhone Credit: Elijah Fox
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iOS 15 has had a problematic relationship with storage so far. We first heard reports about how “Full Storage” warnings were plaguing early users, regardless of how much storage they were actually using. The latest iOS 15 beta seems to have added some other storage issues reported by multiple users on Twitter and Reddit.

First, people are finding that System Data and Other System Data are taking up a ton of storage space – sometimes ridiculous amounts anywhere from 20GB to 200GB, far more than this particular function should use. This may also be a big clue as to why users were getting unexpected messages that their storage was nearly full, despite not using it.

The bug may be related to caching issues or other mysterious ways that iOS is storing data.

Some users say that the newest beta 4 version of iOS 15 has fixed this problem; others say that it continues for them.

If you’re getting weird storage messages on your iOS 15 beta, head to storage and scroll down to System Data and Other data to check if there’s anything strange going on.

The other bug is, fortunately, far less of an issue. Users are also reporting that iOS 15 is reporting that Available Storage is suddenly huge – in some cases, more than the actual capacity of the iPhone they are using.

For example, they may have a 256GB iPhone, but available storage will show 260GB or higher. It’s not exactly informative, but it seems otherwise harmless for now.

It looks like iOS 15 has some issues with categorizing data for storage and showing accurate information at this time.

As always, betas are fun, but there is a higher likelihood of running into bugs and system problems – that’s one of the points. If you’re interested in the iOS 15 beta, that’s just one of the risks, albeit a sometimes entertaining one.

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