Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Is Now Available Online

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When Apple first took the wraps off its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets last fall, it also revealed the new ‘iPhone upgrade program’ — the purpose of which is to provide customers with annual access to the latest iPhone.

A novel program it is indeed, however, when it first launched back in September 2015, the iPhone upgrade program was only available to customers shopping at one of Apple’s retail stores.

iphone 6s plus

As you might imagine, this move left many of the company’s online customers in the lurch, for a time. Though, as of today it seems as if the online shoppers won’t be left waiting for too long. The Cupertino-based company has officially announced that its iPhone Upgrade Program will hereafter be open to all customers wishing to purchase an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus handset. You can now sign up for the program at the time of purchase at an Apple retail store or at Apple’s online storefront.

As for the terms of the program: they have not changed. Customers will still be able to purchase a new iPhone, payable in 24 monthly installments, and, as per the terms of the program, after the first 12 payments are made, the customer is then eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone. At that time, the customer’s account will be updated to reflect the new device pricing.

So, if you plan on purchasing your next iPhone directly from Apple, here’s a breakdown of the financial responsibility you’d be looking at:

iPhone 6s

  • 16GB: $32.41 per month
  • 64GB: $36.58 per month
  • 128GB: $40.75 per month

iPhone 6s Plus

  • 16GB: $36.58 per month
  • 64GB: $40.75 per month
  • 128GB: $44.91 per month

What’s really cool, though, is when you purchase your iPhone directly from Apple — on the iPhone Upgrade Program’s 24-month installment plan, of course, your monthly payment will also reflect a full AppleCare+ coverage plan — which includes up to two instances per year of physical damage protection/replacement.

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Now that Apple has officially opened up its iPhone Upgrade Program to all customers, are you looking to give it a shot? Or will you be waiting for the iPhone 7 instead?

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