Apple’s iPhone 7 Absolutely Demolishes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in New Speed Test

Apple’s iPhone 7 Absolutely Demolishes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in New Speed Test
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We recently reported about how Apple’s iPhone 6s — which is now over a year-old, mind you — ran circles around Samsung’s all-new Galaxy Note 7 flagship, in a head-to-head Geekbench speed test. And while that must’ve been quite the blow to Samsung, especially seeing as how the iPhone 6s is now on life support, and the South Korean-company’s Note 7 just hit store shelves about a month ago, and an even newer speed test has surfaced over the weekend that all but confirms that Apple’s A-series silicon is simply not to be reckoned with, by any means.

In a new YouTube video, provided to us courtesy of PhoneBuff, you can see for yourself as the brand-new flagships from Cupertino and South Korea, respectively, battle it out in all their raw processing power glory. What’s sure to be a good laugh for iPhone 7 owners, however, albeit at the expense of their Galaxy Note 7 counterparts, is that the former absolutely blows the latter so far out of the water, Note 7 users might just forget all about the other things that are prone to blowing up unexpectedly.

In any event, you really have to check out this video to get a feel for just how astonishingly the iPhone 7 destroys the Galaxy Note 7. The contrast in speed is absolutely amazing!

The greatest irony of this mind-blowing comparison, however, is that Samsung decidedly rushed the development of its Galaxy Note 7, specifically in order to gain a competitive edge over Apple’s iPhone 7 — which hit store shelves just about one full month, give or take, after the Note 7 did.

And while there are still a few reported cases of ‘hissing’ issues plaguing a handful of iPhone 7 early adopters, those are by far nothing as dramatic as an exploding battery.

Furthermore, just the sheer extent to which Apple’s latest A10 Fusion SoC completely obliterates Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 ‘Kyro’ CPU is actually so significant, the result may leave those who were waging bets on a closely fought battle walking away from the table with their tail between their legs.

As you can see in this test, the iPhone 7 was actually able to open (and load) every single downloaded app — two times over, mind you — in roughy the same amount of time it took for the Galaxy Note 7 to load them all once.

Surely, some pundits are bound to argue, “oh, but the Galaxy Note 7 has an octa-core CPU, and 4 GB of RAM, and yadda yadda yadda..” But clearly this hands-on test is evidence that internal components, or the perceptual magnitude thereof, aren’t always a clear indication of a device’s inherent performance. Apple’s custom A-series CPU, coupled with the sheer lean processing power of iOS, for instance, is far, far, superior to device’s boasting a conceptual 100% more RAM and power.

What do you think about the iPhone 7 demolishing the Galaxy Note 7 in this new test? Let us know in the comments!

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