Apple’s ‘Help Me Choose’ Quiz Helps You Find the Best Mac for You | Is an M4 MacBook Pro in Your Future?

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Apple launched a new Mac website this week designed to assist potential Mac owners in finding the right Mac for their needs. The new “Help Me Choose” site asks the user a few questions and then suggests the Mac that will best meet the user’s requirements.

The site asks questions about what the Mac will be used for, your day-to-day essential activities, what type of creative pursuits you enjoy, what sort of things you do at work, how you get creative outside of work, where the Mac will be used (at home, while traveling, or about and about), the peripherals that will be used with the new Mac, and the budget you have in mind.

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Once all of the questions have been answered, Apple’s algorithm for suggesting a Mac takes over, taking all of the answers into consideration, The site then presents your matches. In addition to presenting base configurations of each suggested Mac, it also suggests upgrades, such as additional memory and increased storage. It also presents additional Mac options if you’re willing to be flexible with your stated budget.

The Help Me Choose website is available in the Mac section of Apple’s website. Select Compare or Shop Mac and then select the Shopping Guides option.

M4 MacBook Pro

You may soon be able to use the new website to decide whether an M4 MacBook Pro is the right Mac for your needs. Display analyst Ross Young predicts Apple will launch new MacBook Pro models powered by an M4 chip as soon as the fourth quarter of 2024. 

Young said display panel shipments for new 14-inch and 16-inch M4 MacBook Pro models are set to begin in earnest as soon as the third quarter of 2024, suggesting the models could hit store shelves toward the end of the year.

Other than the new M4 chips, the upcoming MacBook Pro lineup is not expected to boast any significant feature boosts. While Apple is working on OLED display technology, a MacBook Pro sporting an OLED display is not expected to debut until 2026 at the earliest.

Apple debuted its M4 iPad Pro lineup in May, completely skipping the use of an M3 processor. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman shared an M4 Mac Roadmap in April, predicting that Apple will refresh both the MacBook Pro and Mac mini lineups by the end of this year.

The entry-level 14-inch MacBook Pro is expected to get an M4 boost. Meanwhile, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models will receive M4 Pro and M4 Max updates. The Mac mini is expected to get an upgrade to M4 and M4 Pro chips. The Mac Pro, Mac Studio, and MacBook Air models won’t see an M4 upgrade until 2025, and there hasn’t been any word on when the iMac might receive an update to its chip technology.

Apple’s M4 chip is fabricated using an upgraded version of the 3-nanometer technology Apple introduced in its M3 chip lineup. Geekbench benchmarks have shown that the M4 is as much as 25 percent faster at multi-core performance than the M3 chip. We can expect to see similar performance gains in the M4 Pro and M4 Mac chip lineups.

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