Apple’s Giving Away Two Months of Free 200GB iCloud Storage

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Apple is giving away free (but temporary) 200GB iCloud storage subscriptions to new users. But there are some big caveats you should keep in mind.

The little-known promotion was spotted by a Redditor who received an Apple trade-in marketing email. Basically, Apple is positioning the offer as a way to help users migrate their settings, contacts, photos, apps and other data from one iPhone to another.

While the promotion popped up again this week, it’s actually a few months old. The offer was first spotted by Redditors last year just ahead of 2018 iPhone announcement.

And despite the fact that the offer was specifically sent out to customers in a “trade in your old iPhone” email, the promotion appears to be available to users whether or not they actually trade in an old device.

Now, on to the caveats — and there are some major ones.

Caveats and Restrictions

For one, users who sign up for the promotion will only get the 200GB iCloud storage tier for two months. After that, the plan will automatically renew and subscribers will be charged the standard $2.99-a-month rate.

It also appears that the promotional offer is restricted to users with devices on one of the big 4 networks: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint.

Lastly, the plan only appears to apply to new iCloud subscribers. Basically, those who don’t have an Apple ID or who don’t pay for iCloud storage. We attempted to test the promotional offer but were unable to get it since there was already an existing iCloud storage subscription.

Still, even with those caveats, it’s worth a look if you’re considering migrating to a new iOS device.

Routinely backing up your devices is smart, but transferring that data to a new device can be tricky if you only have a measly 5GB of storage space to do so with. Two months of 200GB storage will probably be more than enough for you to get your new device all set up.

Of course, that could put you in a tricky position when those two months expire and you have a couple hundred gigabytes of data on the plan. Unless you’re willing to part with those backups, you may just be forced to continue paying $2.99 a month. On the other hand, depending on the size of your device, you may just find out that you don’t need 200GB and can deal with a cheaper plan.

In any case, you can access the free two-month 200GB storage plan by following this link on a macOS or iOS device.

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