Apple’s Getting Aggressive to Make You Upgrade Your Old iPhone

Iphone Xr 2 Credit: The Economic Times
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Ever since reports began suggesting that Apple’s latest iPhone handsets aren’t selling as well as initially expected, the company has commissioned a number of intriguing, limited-time sales promotions — both in the U.S. and Japan — under the terms of which, users of older iPhone models can trade-in and trade-up their qualifying device for [a heavily discounted] iPhone XR or iPhone XS.

Via its online store, the company is currently offering those who trade-in an iPhone X or older the option to scoop-up an iPhone XR (starting at $299), or an iPhone XS (starting at $549) — representing a maximum savings of $450 in the United States.

Late last year, in a bid to muster-up interest in its latest flagships amid reports of slumping sales, Apple sent out promotional e-mails to current iPhone owners, informing them of the iPhone XR’s arrival and further sweetening the pot with their big trade-in offers, which are clearly intended to jump-start sales.

It appears, however, that Apple may be sending out a second batch of those promotional e-mails now, as some iPhone users have reported receiving customized messages in recent days and weeks — not only providing a technical comparison between the iPhone XR and their current iPhone model, but also reminding them of its ongoing trade-in promotion [and, specifically, noting what their existing model is worth in trade-in credit.]

One of these custom messages, which was allegedly sent to an iPhone 6 Plus-owning MacRumors reader, not only advertises Apple’s current [limited-time] offer of $200 towards the cost of an iPhone XR (should they decide to trade-in their iPhone 6 Plus) — but the e-mail, conveniently, even mentions that the iPhone XR is “up to three times faster” than the iPhone 6 Plus, while highlighting other key features including its “all-screen design,” the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone,” better performance and “more storage for all your photos and apps.”

Other examples were reportedly spotted in recent days on Twitter and Reddit. And while the theme of promoting iPhone XR for hundreds-of-dollars off with qualifying trade-in appears consistent across the board, each message also appears tailored specifically to highlight how much better the XR is, in relation to the recipient’s current iPhone. 

These e-mail promotions, of course, are all but a brilliant [albeit fairly common] tactic that companies use to advertise their products and services, hoping that consumers will see the value, pull-the-trigger and bolster the firm’s bottom-line. 

However, what’s so interesting about this e-mail offer, specifically, is that we seldom if ever see Apple offer deals like it, directly — let alone for hundreds of dollars off a brand-new flagship product — or with such steadfast aggressiveness.

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