Apple’s App Store Has Gone Green in a Major Way

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It has become an annual occurrence for Apple to push its environmental efforts alongside the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to coincide with Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd of this year. Apple has teamed up with 24 app developers to create earth-themed versions of popular apps, which relate to the WWF’s core mission of raising awareness about conservation of forests, oceans, fresh water, wildlife, and climate change.

Up until April 24th, 100% of the proceeds brought in by those apps will go to fund the efforts of the WWF. On the front page of the App Store, there is an impossible-to-miss collection of green themed apps, including everything from free games to high-powered utility apps.

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App developers have implemented the green theme in unique ways. Popular photo-editing app, Enlight, took a stylistic approach and developed a number of nature themed editing tools and tutorials to go along with the campaign.

Other apps like The Earth, which is a kid’s educational app that permits the study of how different geological forces change the planet, continues their educational and ecological theme by adding and in-app purchase which lets kids observe how different forces affect the environment.

The entire effort is a win-win for everyone involved. Carter Roberts, President and CEO of the WWF, said teaming up with Apple is an ideal way to reach the hundreds of millions of people who access the App Store every day. For Apple, the effort is an extension of the company’s continual focus on environmental protection. Developers who have partnered with Apple receive prime real estate on the App Store for ten days and also get to participate in a project much bigger than anything they would be able to do on their own. Many developers involved have said they jumped at the opportunity primarily because they felt getting involved with the WWF and Apple in this initiative was the right thing to do.

The partnership with the WWF is another example of Apple’s mission to do good deeds for the world. As the world’s most influential company, CEO Tim Cook has made it clear Apple feels they have a responsibility to use their position to make the world a better place, something the company has put a genuine focus on in recent years.

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During the most recent Apple event, the company’s Vice President of Environmental Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, took the stage and delivered a comprehensive list of ways Apple has continued to pursue its goal of becoming 100% reliant of renewable energy sources. The most exiting announcement came when the company unveiled LIAM, an innovative robot Apple has been working on which mechanically disassembles iPhones so that Apple can re-use the different parts in new products.

Apple receives a good deal of criticism for selling their products at a premium price, but the company has recently put a great deal of money and resources in projects which will most likely be unprofitable for Apple for the sake of the greater good. The company also announced CareKit at the March event, yet another open-source health initiative to go along with HealthKit and ResearchKit. It is encouraging to see Apple continue to pursue these efforts, which should create a better world for us to thrive in.

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