Rumor States iPad Pro 2 to Launch Before March 31st

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There seems to be a lot of speculation lately surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPad models. While we can, with all but certainty, expect as many as three of them to be unveiled sometime within the first half of this year, reports have so far conflicted in regards to when, exactly, we can expect them — with some suggesting they could come as early as next week, and others pegging the next-generation tablets for an early April launch.

In its typical fashion, however, the popular Japanese blog Macotokara appears to be stirring the pot just a little bit more, having published the most recent report on record, suggesting that Apple will be launching a refresh to its 9.7-inch iPad Pro as early as next week. The device could even be dubbed the 9.7-inch ‘iPad Pro 2’, according to the report, and will embody the 2nd generation of Apple’s current 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Ironically enough, the current model was launched on March 31st of last year, after being unveiled on stage at the company’s spring event on March 21, 2016.

According to Macotokara, the most significant upgrade to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 will be the inclusion of Apple’s ‘A10X’ SoC; however, aside from that, the device’s other components should receive only minor spec bumps. It’s also unclear whether or not the device will boast support for Apple Pencil, which could imply that it might be a next-generation replacement for the company’s iPad Air 2 — if the report turns out to be factual, of course.
Given that the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro retails for $599, and the iPad Air 2 retails for $399, the new model could theoretically fall somewhere in between them, from a price standpoint. However, as it does every time a new model hits the market, Apple is likely to drop prices on its current models, respectively, which will give the new model a bit of room to establish itself as a viable choice amidst a sea of iPads.

We haven’t heard anything from Apple in the way of event invitations yet, so it could potentially be that the company is planning to release the 9.7-inch model via an official press release — similar to how it’s announced several other, modestly upgraded products over the years. Alternatively, the company could still hold a spring event, perhaps in late March or early April, where it unveils the additional iPad models, including a 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro 2’ update, as well as the highly-anticipated 10.5-inch iPad Pro that we’ve been hearing about for months now.

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