Apple’s 3rd Generation Apple TV Is Officially Dead

Apple's 3rd Generation Apple TV Is Officially Dead
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Apple has confirmed that it is discontinuing the third generation Apple TV and focusing instead on the fourth generation, tvOS-equipped model and beyond. Apple’s third generation model was released in 2012 and updated in 2013. The last major update to the device came earlier this year in February with a slew of security patches.

In an internal email circulated to employees, Apple stated: “Effective immediately, Apple TV (3rd generation), MD/199LL/A, has reached end of life and is now discontinued. The Apple Supply team is going to fulfill all shippable backlog.”

Cupertino has been quietly making arrangements for the demise of the third generation Apple TV for some time now. According to 9to5Mac, retailers have been reducing inventory and pulling the devices off of their shelves for the past few months, while Apple has removed it from its website entirely. Apple stores have been instructed to pull the product from their shelves and inventory and ship it back to Apple, probably in preparation for an “end of life” discount sale to clear out remaining stocks.

The third-gen model currently retails for $69 (though you can snag a new model for as low as $59 depending on the retailer). It’s unlikely that Apple will roll out any additional spec bumps for the third-gen Apple TV, opting instead to bring its energies to bear on the fourth-gen and possibly newer variants.

The 32GB and 64GB versions of the fourth generation cost $149 and $199, respectively, and come with Siri, tvOS, and support for the App Store.

Will you be sad to see the 3rd gen Apple TV go? Or is it simply time to move on?
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