First Round of New OLED Touch Bar-equipped 2016 MacBook Pros Begin Shipping to Customers

First Round of New OLED Touch Bar-equipped 2016 MacBook Pros Begin Shipping to Customers
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Early adopters of Apple’s hot new OLED Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro are in for a sweet surprise this morning, as the first round of units reportedly began shipping over the weekend, according to MacRumors. Deliveries, therefore, will begin showing up on customer’s doorsteps as early as Monday morning, and extending into the following weeks, according to the same report.

As of Monday morning, several expectant customers had already received and unboxed their super-slim, super-shiny new MacBook Pros — many of whom also snapped photos and sent them off to a number of online media outlets. Those who ordered the new machine early on but have yet to receive it can check their Order History by logging into their Apple account online.

So far the response to Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro has been mixed. While some tech industry heavyweights, including The Verge, have lauded the machine while also questioning the purpose and viability of its OLED Touch Bar, Apple has faced its own share of criticism in regards to the company’s pricing of the notebook.

To be clear, the 2016 MacBook Pro is an inherently powerful laptop, boasting the most up-to-date internals, all constructed of the most premium materials. The machine even offers 58% louder audio output than its predecessor, too. However, the price, unfortunately, is bound to be a deterrent for the majority of would-be adopters. Other reports have noted that the 2016 MacBook Pro’s battery life has proven to be shorter than expected, but what can you really expect from one of the world’s most powerful, and undeniably thin, laptop computers?

Although, the good news is, if you really want one of these awesome new MacBook Pros, you’ll only have to wait a year or so until the prices come down.

Are you an early adopter of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro? Let us know in the comments!


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