Apple Watch Series 2 Officially Unveiled, Featuring Brighter Display, Dual-Core CPU, GPS, and More

Apple Watch Series 2 Officially Unveiled, Featuring Brighter Display, Dual-Core CPU, GPS, and More
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Apple officially took the wraps off its hotly anticipated, second-generation wearable device on Wednesday morning, which the company is calling Apple Watch Series 2.

Echoing the sentiments of previous rumors about the device, Apple’s 2nd generation wearable will feature a number of enhancements over its predecessor — primarily driven by the forthcoming watchOS 3 software update, but also many of which have been implemented under-the-hood.

First and foremost, Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, touted how the Apple Watch Series 2’s display is impressively twice as bright as the original Apple Watch’s display — thus, in his own words, rendering it “the brightest display Apple has ever shipped on a product.”

Apple’s 2nd generation wearable will also feature full waterproof certification, offering protection at levels up to 50 meters under water. And while the company stopped short of indicating if, or what level, of IPXX waterproofing certification the Apple Watch Series 2 is equipped with, Williams did unveil that Apple has inherently redesigned the interior speaker of the device — so that it will automatically eject any water that manages to seep in during your water-submerged workout. Either way, Apple assured users that, through the company’s extensive testing of the device, they’ll be able to submerge themselves (up to 50 meters, or roughly 164 feet) under water, with full confidence.

Apple Watch Series 2 will also feature a powerful new dual-core processor — the ‘S2’. Williams touted on stage how the device renders even the most comprehensive watch OS apps at a smooth as butter 60 fps refresh rate.

Additionally, as previously rumored, the Apple Watch Series 2 will feature advanced GPS tracking, which will not only help in keeping better track of your workout statistics, but also aid, in conjunction with watchOS 3, in the planning of outdoor, GPS-based activities in unfamiliar areas.


Watch Series 2 cases will be available in both aluminum, stainless steel, and, in addition, Apple unveiled an all-new, proprietary ‘White Ceramic’ case material — which Williams touted as being an impressive 400% stronger than stainless steel, while offering a shiny, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear “pearl-like” surface.

Pre-orders for a standard size 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 will commence on Friday, September 9th, with the retail price set at $369. The first units will begin shipping shortly thereafter, on September 16th.

Are you planning on picking up an Apple Watch Series 2? Let us know in the comments!

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