Apple Watch Alerts New Yorker of Deadly Condition Saving His Life

William Monzidelis Apple Watch Credit: NBC 4
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One of the main reasons people buy the Apple Watch is because it offers an array of powerful features for health and fitness enthusiasts; but while the Watch is an amazing piece of kit to keep your body and mind in shape, it can also prove to be life-saving. That’s what one man recently found out.

As NBC reports, New Yorker William Monzidelis was made aware of a potentially fatal health complication by a notification on his Apple Watch.

At the time, he was doing a work shift at his family’s bowling alley when he started feeling faint. Knowing something wasn’t right, he went to the bathroom.

There, he began to bleed quickly and his watch sent him a notification urging him to get medical help right away because something seriously was wrong.

When he finally came out of the bathroom, his mother even told him that he “looked like a ghost”, so they quickly drove to the nearest hospital.

The 32-year-old told CBC that he began “seizing in the car and bleeding all over the place”, with blood coming from his mouth and rectum.

In the car journey to the hospital, he lost almost 80 percent of his total blood mass. When Monzidelis finally got to the hospital, the doctors learned that he had an erupted ulcer and gave him am emergency transfusion before operating.

“I lost so much blood that I needed a transfusion for the anaesthesia to travel to my brain and put me out for the surgery,” he said in the interview.

The medical professionals there even told him that his watch had saved his life. “I would have been working in my office and they would have found me dead,” he added.

“Hopefully my story can push them to use technology. In my case, it was like a little angel watching me. It really was a magical device.”

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