Should You Buy a New Apple Watch Now, or Wait?

Should I Wait To Buy The Apple Watch Series 4 Credit: Apple Developer
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Have you been dying to get an Apple Watch so you can join the smartwatch life? You’re not alone. The problem is that Apple is sure to announce a new generation of Apple Watches very soon. So should you wait for that announcement and consider the new Series 4, or buy a new Apple Watch now? Here’s what we know about the upcoming Watch, and why you should think about waiting even if the Series 3 Apple Watch is calling your name.

The Latest Version: Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Wacth Series 3 Nike

If you want to find out which Watch you should get, you have to begin by learning about the latest model, which is the Apple Watch Series 3.

The Series 3 has a bit of a twist to it: There are two different Watches to choose from, and their features differ considerably.

The Standard Series 3: The standard version of the Apple Watch has the same look as earlier generations, but with a faster processor, a new barometric altimeter, and additional GPS features. There is only one available design for the standard version, but two different sizes for your wrist. Overall, it’s more powerful and feature packed, and can get things done much quicker than the Series 0 and Series 1, but ultimately it’s not a massive upgrade from the Series 2. But no matter which way you look at it, the Series 3 is a fantastic device.

The Cellular Series 3: This model adds cellular connectivity, which is a big leap in technology that adds a swath of new features. This includes the ability to play music, make calls, and dictate text messages on your Watch without needing your iPhone nearby (and many other communication apps, like WeChat, will also work this way). The Maps app, Siri, and other features will also work independently, making your Watch nimble replacement for your iPhone when necessary. However, you also have to add a service fee to your phone plan, usually an extra $10.

The Next Version: Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 9to5mac

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be announced September 2018 and released soon afterward, so if you want the new model, you don’t have long to wait to compare new and old versions.

Apple is, unsurprisingly, keeping a lot of the details under wraps until then, but there are still a few important things we know that can help you make up your mind.

More Watch Face Space: The Watch 4 appears to have even thinner bezels than its predecessor, with a new edge-to-edge display that provides around 15% extra screen space without making the watch larger. The new resolution is suspected to be 384 x 480, although Apple still needs to confirm that. Apple also found room to add another microphone for clearer telecommunication through the watch.

More Complications: Leaks have also shown that a new watch face on the S4 provides a ton of data, including temperature, UVI, upcoming events, dates, apps being used, weather information, and more all at the same time. The leaked marketing images may not resemble the final product Apple introduces, but it seems likely that the watch face will now show an increased amount of information/complications (if you desire).

Updated Apps: Apple has a good habit of encouraging developers to update their apps with any new tools or parameters for a new product. This poses a bit of a challenge for the Apple Watch and any potential buyers, as Apple app simulators have shown. When you adjust for the larger screen size, a lot of apps leave blank space. Will your favorite apps be updated for the new Watch size? That depends if they continue to receive support from the developers.

For popular apps maintained by efficient teams, this should be no problem, but there’s no guarantee that every app will receive an update for the larger screen or other features. Either way, there’s a good chance your favorite Watch apps will receive a face-lift for the Series 4.

The Bottom Line

Wait for an Apple Watch price and feature comparison in September. If you are considering price as a determining factor, then you have a big reason to wait. Find out what models and price points Apple will officially release for the Series 4, and if they will be phasing out other Watch models before you make your final decision. You should be able to score a great deal on an “older” Series 3 model.

If the latest upgrades to the Apple Watch Series 4 appear useful to you, then rest assured you don’t have long to wait to finally get your hands on the new device. Most popular apps are sure to updated for the extra display space in the meantime. Be sure to stream Apple’s keynote live on September 12 to find out exactly what new features the Apple Watch Series 4 will have!

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