See Apple Watch Series 4’s New Packaging, Free Protective Case

New Apple Watch Series 4 Packaging Credit: YouTube / iJustine
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The Apple Watch Series 4 launches to the general public on Friday. But units are already being sent out to early reviewers.

One of those units was sent to popular YouTuber Justine Ezarik, also known as iJustine. iJustine published her unboxing and review video of the new Apple wearable on Wednesday. And it offers us a good look at the device’s new packaging.

Apple has switched up Apple Watch packaging for every model thus far, and this year is no different. For one, the Apple Watch Series 4 packaging actually contains two boxes for the first time.

An outer layer of packaging opens up to reveal a print of various Apple Watch models — a design obviously reminiscent of its “Designed by Apple in California” book.

Within this outer layer is the box that the actual Apple Watch model comes in. But this year, the Apple Watch Series 4 actually ships without a band attached. Instead, this box only contains the Watch and the charging accessories.

The Apple Watch itself also comes in a unique soft-touch protective sleeve, which is another change from past models. That sleeve could presumably protect the wearable if you’re carrying it in a bag, for example, without its bands attached.

The second box, which is separate and unattached to the first, is where the Apple Watch band is stored.

Packaging the Watch and band separately may be a clever and subtle way to inform users about switching their own Apple Watch bands right when they’re unpacking their devices. But it could also hint at Apple’s future plans with the Watch series.

While there isn’t currently a way to order an Apple Watch without an included band, packaging the wearable separate from its watch straps could suggest that that might be an option in the future.

More than that, the new packaging style could make it easier to ship different Apple Watch models with different bands.

That could suggest that we might get more customizable order combinations, such as being able to select specific bands to go with specific models in a way we haven’t been able to yet.

In separate Apple Watch packaging news, some Apple customers have noticed a change about the Apple Watch Series 3.

Specifically, Apple doesn’t seem to be including a 5W USB Power Adapter with its GPS-only Apple Watch Series 3 models. Of course, that isn’t too much of a shock — Apple did the same thing with the Apple watch Series 1.

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