New Video Series Describes Real Stories of Apple Watch Saving Lives

Apple Real Stories Credit: Apple
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Apple Watch is a truly unique and game-changing device; but all the innovative and one-of-a-kind technologies packed inside the signature wrist-hugging wearable, perhaps the most awe-inspiring (and marketable) hasn’t received nearly the amount of attention it deserves… Until now…

The company on Friday released a moving and markedly brilliant new ad campaign via its official YouTube channel dubbed ‘Real Stories — Apple Watch’, which is a series of two videos documenting the real-world experiences of Apple Watch users whose lives were potentially saved by the wearable.

Real Stories — Apple Watch

The first of Apple’s two videos (below) tells the story of a young man named Michael Jackson (no relation to the late King of Pop, for those who might’ve been wondering) who courageously tells of his daily struggle fighting spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

One day, Jackson recalls, he received multiple notifications on his Apple Watch alerting him of his heart being too high while his body was resting. Responding to the notifications, Jackson rushed to the ER and was later found to have developed sepsis.

In the second video, which is considerably longer at four-minutes and thirty-seconds, Apple offers up a more general Apple Watch ad featuring multiple voiceovers of users from around the world, telling of how their lives were allegedly and miraculously saved by Apple Watch.

Interestingly, Apple’s release of the ‘Real Stories — Apple Watch’ series comes just a day after the company’s latest release of watchOS 5.1.2, which, most notably, enables the long-awaited, FDA-approved electrocardiogram (ECG) feature on Apple Watch Series 4 models in the U.S.

And what’s so interesting about that, of course, is that Apple Watch has been credited with notifying customers of potentially fatal underlying health conditions long, long before the high-profile ECG feature came around.. Ultimately, that speaks volumes about the wearable, both in its past and current embodiments, as well as a device with seemingly unlimited potential as a tool for tracking and tackling day-to-day health.

“Apple’s largest contribution to mankind will be in improving people’s health and well-being,” CEO Tim Cook noted in a TIME interview promoting the Apple Watch S4’s ECG feature on Friday morning.

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