Apple Watch Crowned “Coolest Wearable” Title

Apple Watch Crowned "Coolest Wearable" Title
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According to findings from Juniper Research, consumers are leery about paying top-dollar for wearable devices. The studies’ 2,000 smartphone users, in both the U.S. and UK, had a 1 in 5 response saying they were willing to pay more than $175 for a wearable. It might seem that the Apple is in trouble from a sales perspective, however other data might say Apple will do just fine.


Apple’s watch recently won the title for coolest wearable award from Juniper Research. Children, teens, as well as adults can agree the Apple Watch is pretty cool, however the problem with the Apple Watch currently, is that many people are still unsure if the cost is worth it.

Digital Trends claims that the BuzzFeed staff lamented over their (free) Apple Watches, with 80% of them saying that they don’t think it’s worth the purchase.

Tech Columnist, Farhad Manjoo, from the New York Times was reported to have generally liked his Apple Watch, but complained about a lack of third-party app support. A small problem that is common with new technology.

While the watch lacks major third-party support, personally I think the coolest feature is simply being able to receive calls from the watch and sending texts. Getting my notifications, right on my arm, is so convenient. It’s also a great workout companion and motivates me to get up and go. The watch has a few prime benefits, however I’m looking forward to seeing what future software updates are added to the watch.


The Apple Watch leaves some to be desired, and not all people can justify the price tag. However, even with its flaws, the Apple Watch is an undoubtedly cool device. People of all ages will shell out hundreds of dollars for the cool Apple Watch, regardless of its true worth.


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