Apple Watch Classes Added to Select Apple Stores

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Although the “guided tours” on Apple’s website serve as a decent intro on how to use your Apple Watch, many customers are certain to desire a bit more hands-on approach. Beginning April 24 (the official Apple Watch launch date), select Apple retail stores will be offering “Apple Watch Basics” workshops for customers.


The workshops, which take place at 1.5-hour intervals throughout the business day, will cover basic uses of the watch, including the use of glances, gestures, watch faces, and more. If your local Apple Store offers the workshop, you may be able to reserve a spot via your stores website now. Not many stores have added this option yet, but availability of the workshop is likely to increase as April 24th nears.


Some stores are offering a second workshop, as well, titled “Stay in Touch with Apple Watch.” This workshop covers the communications features for the device, such as handling phone calls, as well as sending text messages and emails. It will also cover sharing your location, and using the Heartbeat feature to send your heartbeat to family members, friends, or significant others.

It should be noted that in the description for the workshops, users are asked to bring their Apple Watch and iPhones . Since many users won’t have access to an Apple Watch on the day the workshops begin, it may be best to wait until your Apple Watch is in hand before you book an appointment at the workshop.

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