Apple Watch Can Now Monitor Your Baby’s Heart Rate for Peace of Mind

Apple Watch Can Now Monitor Your Baby’s Heart Rate for Peace of Mind
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The Apple Watch has just taken its capabilities to a whole new level. Heart rate monitors have become more and more common for those seeking to lose weight or up their fitness level, but what if you could take health supervising one step further?id142829

What if you could monitor not only your heart rate, but also the heart rate of your unborn child, directly from the watch you use every day? What if you could then transmit that data directly to your physician? Well, Apple has come out with a way you can do just that using the Apple Watch!

One of the greatest joys of a pregnancy is hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It gives parents a real sense that there is a living being within the womb and this provides some of the first feelings of bonding.

Typically parents hear their child’s heart beat when at prenatal doctor appointments. There have been a few options for parents to hear their child’s heartbeat at home, but none that have been highly reliable.

Recently, over 3.5 million women have used an Airstrip device in conjunction with their mobile device to monitor both their own and their unborn child’s heart rate successfully. Airstrip monitors had previously been used by physicians in hospitals, but now with the sensor and Sense4Baby app by Airstrip, doctors can monitor mother and child heart rates from the comfort of home.

Airstrip_And_Apple_Watch_2Photo: airstrip

Until now, the Apple watch had been excluded from the devices that mothers could use to monitor heart rates. Apple announced on September 9th, 2015 that they will now support the Sense4Baby app and Airstrip monitors on the Apple watch, making it easy for mothers to see everything with a glance at their wrist.

But actually, the implications go way further than a mother being able to see her child’s heart beat. The main reason for the development of the app and at home device is so that doctors can monitor mothers at any time and from anywhere.

Doctors can use a phone, tablet, or now the Apple Watch, to monitor not only fetal heart rate, but also uterine contractions and other biometric data. Using secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud technology, patient’s information is just as safe as if the patient had come into the office. It is then saved in a HIPAA compliant database with all of the results and data, where it cab be viewed via the web by both patient and doctor.

Can you imagine the benefits of fewer doctors’ appointments? Or fewer panicked emergency trips to the doctor? Just because the physician can now look at the data remotely, and simply iMessage you there is nothing to be worried about?Sense4BabyAppleWatch

This can save time and money for patients, and allow for physicians to focus on more critical cases when necessary. It also allows for both patients and doctors to have access to a safe and secure database of the patient’s information in a trended format at any time.

Maybe you’re not pregnant, or not able to get pregnant, so how does this apply to you? Being able to see and share vital medical information via a secure cloud source from your very own watch is a revolution in healthcare as we know it! The Apple Watch has the amazing ability to display and share heart monitoring, and is just the beginning of all the incredible ways technology will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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