Apple Watch 2 Rumored to Slim Down by Replacing OLED Display with Advanced Micro LED

Apple Watch 2 Rumored to Slim Down by Replacing OLED Display with Advanced Micro LED
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Apple products have a long shelf life. Many Mac owners keep their computers for years, even decades. This is not usually true regarding Apple’s small, portable devices, which tend to be upgraded much more frequently. A lot of Apple fans tend to upgrade their iPhones every year and now, it might be time to add the Apple Watch to the group.

The Apple Watch had a lukewarm release, with some praising the device and others left feeling disappointed. However, the watch has stood the test of time and it turns out that the Apple Watch is a worthy purchase for workout enthusiasts, and consumers who want something convenient for a quick check on important information like weather, date, activity, and current time.

But now there is speculation about the Apple Watch 2 currently in development. Richard Goodwin from Know Your Mobile reported a rumor about the Apple Watch 2 featuring a “Micro LED Display” with a thinner design and better battery life.

Goodwin writes, “One of the changes [suggested] to be happening concerns the Apple Watch 2’s display technology. The first generation Apple Watch features an OLED panel but Apple will apparently be using Micro LED panels in the upcoming Apple Watch.” Goodwin quotes a BGR article that suggests, “it may result in a richer and more vibrant color gamut with higher resolutions.” The article BGR, written by Yoni Heisler, suggests the company LuxVue, which was acquired by Apple in 2014, is “regarded for its power-efficient micro-LED displays.” So why care about a new display? It could use less battery power and have improved visuals. Heisler adds that the watch could also become thinner using the new technology.

The combination of watchOS 3 and a new edition of the Apple Watch could be just what the device needs to boost sluggish sales. It’s not always easy to get it right the first time, but Apple could be on the verge of making a smartwatch that more customers will enjoy. Apple usually learns how to perfect their products in subsequent generations, and the Apple Watch 2 might just be irresistible.

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