Apple Wants You to ‘Share the Love’ with These Valentine’s Day Shopping Deals

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Whether you live in a cold climate or not, the global health pandemic could make this year’s February cooler than most, but fortunately Apple is spreading some warmth with a whole spate of Valentine’s Day promotions to help you share some love.

Right off the bat, Apple has released its Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for lovers of all things fun and beautiful. The guide divvies up gift suggestions into six categories, beginning with a selection of items for fans of Apple products, however you can click a dropdown to browse instead for items “for lovers of…” photography, music, health, creativity, or entertainment, and of course if you order soon there’s still time to get a set of engraved AirPods for that special someone.

Apple’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide also highlights key product features in each category, such as Audio Sharing for lovers of music, and the ECG and Sleep apps for lovers of health.

Apple Pay Promotions

While Apple’s gift guides are useful for inspiration, they don’t offer any actual deals on Apple hardware, although of course you can get the normal 3% cash back if you use your Apple Card.

On the other hand, Apple has also kicked off another Apple Pay promotion, partnering with select retailers to offer some nice discounts when you shop for typical Valentine’s Day gifts using Apple Pay.

  1. 1-800-Flowers is offering $15 off any purchase of $39.99 or more when you enter the promo code APPLEPAY at checkout, and of course make your payment using Apple Pay.
  2. Shutterfly will throw in a free 5×7 custom Easel Black Canvas for displaying your photos when you make a purchase using the promo code LOVEAPPLEPAY in the app.
  3. BaubleBar is offering a flat 20% off any of its jewelry in Apple Pay purchases with the promo code APPLEPAY.

All the above deals are good from now until February 14th.

Valentine’s Day Guides

While the Apple Pay deals cover flowers, photos, and jewelry, sadly you’ll have to look elsewhere for deals on chocolates, candy, and nice romantic dinners.

If you happen to live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, or Chicago, Apple is offering up some special Guides in the Apple Maps app that will help you find “great takeout”.

In partnership with The Infatuation, these guides are specifically designed to help you find the ideal Valentine’s Day meal to share with that special someone, with the emphasis being on delivery and takeout, which of course is much more appropriate for the times in which we’re now living.

Heart Month Challenge

Lastly, since February is quite appropriately also American Heart Month, Apple will be kicking off a new “Heart Month Challenge” right on Valentine’s Day, giving you an opportunity to pick up a special badge if you want to show your heart some love too.

This year the Heart Month Challenge also joins Apple’s Unity Activity Challenge that celebrates Black History Month, however the two challenges differ somewhat, in that Unity only requires you to close your move ring seven days in a row at any time during February (and, in our case at least, that even included six days in January leading up to February 1st).

The Heart Month Challenge, on the other hand, requires that you put in 60 minutes of exercise specifically on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, regardless of your actual Exercise goal setting. This can be done using any of the built-in workouts in the Workouts app, or any third-party app that logs data to Apple’s Fitness app, as the goal seems to be getting a total of 60 minutes into the Exercise ring, as opposed to performing an actual 60 minutes of exercise.

Although for years the exercise ring had a fixed goal of 30 minutes per day, as of watchOS 7 it’s now possible to adjust it to your personal preferences, within a range of 10–60 minutes, so if you want to shoot for the Heart Month Challenge badge on February 14th, you can adjust your Exercise ring goal to the maximum 60-minute setting so that you’ll more easily be able to track your progress.

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