Apple Wants Even More Money in Damages, to the Tune of $180 Million

Apple Wants Even More Money in Damages, to the Tune of $180 Million
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Well, what do you know? Just when we thought that the seemingly never-ending courtroom saga between Apple and Samsung was finally drawing to a close, it appears that Apple has since asked the court to demand that Samsung pony up an additional $180 million in damages — even after the South Korean tech-giant agreed to pay upwards of $548 million less than two weeks ago.

Samsung, claiming that it has already agreed to pay an amount to Apple that’s far more than the company deserves, has already announced that it’s filed an official appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court. However, as of this morning, the case has yet to be accepted by the highest court in the land.

iDrop_ApplevsSamsung_01If you’re having trouble recalling the nature of the years-long Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute, a more thorough explanation can be found within our previous coverage of the case.

In essence, however, the two companies have been battling it out in court since early 2011, when Apple first brought allegations to the table that Samsung had infringed upon multiple iPhone related patents owned by Apple — most specifically, within the context of Samsung’s Galaxy S line of Smartphones.

Initially, it was determined that Samsung would be required to pay upwards of $1 billion to Apple to account for those damages and restitution, however that amount has been revised and reduced multiple times over the course of the past few years, ultimately settling at the $548 million number that was recently reported because several of the patents in question were determined to be invalid.

It must seem, after over four years, that this ever-evolving dispute will likely never see a concrete resolution, right? Especially in light of Apple’s recent request for even MORE money. At this point, we don’t know exactly why Apple is requesting an additional $180 million, other than because, as the company states in court filings, “Samsung Electronics Co Ltd owes nearly $180 million in supplemental damages and interest.”


What are your thoughts on this patent dispute? Should Samsung have to pay even more money, or is $548 million, as Apple put is, “an insufficient restitution”?

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