Apple Unveils New Fitness+ Service for Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone

Fitness Plus Overview Credit: Apple
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Apple today unveiled a new fitness platform that transforms the Apple Watch from a productivity tool to a fitness powerhouse.

The new Fitness+ service brings person to person training and music to every workout.

The new Fitness+ service expands how you can work out with the Apple Watch. The service adds new studio-based activities that bring the gym back home to you.

There’s also support for trainers and a unique way of integrating music into the workout experience.

The Fitness app will be available on the Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone.

You can use the app to discover new trainers, new studio workouts, and more.

Fitness+ is available for $9.99 per month or $79 per year.

It is free with the purchase of a new Apple Watch for three months. Family users can even share it across devices, much like Apple Music.

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