Fox Go App Comes to Apple TV

Fox Go App Comes to Apple TV
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Sports fans rejoice, Fox has added a new sports app for the Apple TV! Sarah Perez from TechCrunch reports the Fox Sports Go app has come to the Apple TV. She says the app allows, “viewers to watch up to four games at the same time, thanks to an innovative split-screen interface that lets you arrange video feeds side-by-side, picture-in-picture style, or in a mosaic pattern.”

The Fox network owns broadcasting for several events and teams from different sports. Having an app that gives access to said content should make a lot of sport watchers happy to have an Apple TV. Perez writes, “With the app, you’ll be able to stream channels including Fox Sports1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Deportes, and Fox college sports, as well as select regional events based on your location.”

Perez mentions the Fox Apple TV app will have new features. She writes, “the app will also offer a 60 frames-per-second streaming rate, which allows viewers to ‘follow fast action on the field more closely,’ says Fox.” The app will also allow multi-screen viewing, something Perez says Fox fans have been demanding. The feature would allow users to watch more than one sports broadcast at one time.

According to Perez, the app is currently exclusive to the Apple Store, but there are plans to bring it to other streaming devices. It’s commonplace for companies to gain exclusivity for certain products or services in whole or at least for a short period of time. One example is with software makers on video game consoles, offering a limited time exclusivity of their game or download content.

iOS already has several sports apps. Tom’s Hardware writer John Corpuz covers 15 of the best sport apps. ESPN is one which is one of the more popular sports apps for iOS. It’s a free app bringing, “users the latest and greatest sporting news and information worldwide,” he writes. While it doesn’t have video streams from sports channels, it does provide a lot of information on the sports news of the day. CBS and Yahoo also have their own sports apps.

The last major sports event available to Apple TV users was the Rio 2016 Olympics last month. Dave Hamiliton from Mac Observer wrote about the NBC Sports app and how it featured the Olympics. “Whether you’re a cord-cutter or someone who uses a standard cable subscription, sometimes all you want to see is the Olympics highlight reel,” he writes, “Enter the NBC Sports app. Launch this on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad and you can instantly see short clips of just the highlights from the Rio 2016 Olympics.”

More choices on how users can watch their favorite teams battle it out means better access to content. With the new app, Fox Sports programs can be streamed with the new Apple TV. A new welcomed addition for fans who can’t get enough of their favorite teams.

What are your favorite apps for Apple TV?

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