Apple TV’s ‘Zero Sign-On’ Feature Finally Goes Live (for Some Users)

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Apple’s new Zero Sign-On feature is now live for Charter Spectrum subscribers on Apple TV — but the cable provider’s app is still nowhere to be seen.

Zero Sign-On is one of the major features of the tvOS 12 operating system for Apple TV. The Cupertino tech giant first announced the feature back in June and promised customers that it would roll out “later this year.”

Essentially, the feature goes a step beyond single sign-on as far as Apple TV login convenience.

Instead of requiring users to log in with their TV credentials, Zero Sign-On will allow an Apple TV to detect a user’s broadband network and automatically sign them into the apps that their cable subscription supports.

Until this week, it seemed like Zero Sign-On might have been delayed — since Apple offered no major updates on its rollout since it was announced.

But now it appears that Zero Sign-On support for Charter Spectrum is now live. While the launch wasn’t announced by Apple or Charter, an eagle-eyed Charter Spectrum customer spotted the feature and posted about it on Twitter.

How to Turn on Zero Sign-on

If you’re a Charter Spectrum subscriber and you want to try it out for yourself, just go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Accounts
  3. TV Provider on your Apple TV.
  4. Then unlink or sign out of your account, then choose Spectrum.

On the other hand, Charter Spectrum’s own Apple TV app is still nowhere to be seen. Several reports pinned Dec. 3 and Dec. 13 as possible launch dates, but those dates have come and gone without a Charter Spectrum app.

Additionally, Apple has quietly changed the release date for the Charter Spectrum app from “later this year” to “coming soon” on its website. By all accounts, it seems like the Charter Spectrum app is delayed until some time in 2019.

Originally, that may have suggested that Zero Sign-On support was delayed, too. But its quiet rollout this week means that Apple has technically kept its word by hitting its own deadline for the feature.

The feature will roll out to other cable and TV providers, though there’s no word on which ones or when support will be released.

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