Apple Transformed LA’s Historic Tower Theatre into a Stunning Retail Store

Apple Tower Theatre 1 Credit: Apple
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Apple this week is opening its latest retail store in the historic Tower Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

The iconic Tower Theatre opened in 1927 in Los Angeles’ Broadway Theater District, a hotbed for the arts during its heyday in the roaring 20s and 30s.

The Tower Theatre had a 60-year run before it closed its doors permanently in 1988.

It sat dormant until Apple committed its resources to restore the theatre to its full glory and use it as a retail space.

Apple worked with a team of preservationists and local artisans to transform the theatre into its 26th retail store in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Cupertino company used modern techniques like 3D laser scans and forensic paint studies to match the color and textures of the original theatre.

When restoring the building, Apple painstakingly spent months cleaning the building’s crystal chandelier and painting the building with traditional techniques.

This project has been a true labour of love.

Director of retail design at Apple Doo Ho Lee

Apple also kicked off a new Today at Apple initiative that’ll reach out to local communities to inspire creative young people and provide them with hands-on experience and mentorship. It will also showcase up-and-coming local talents like Los Angeles artisans Noah Humes and his mentor, Maurice Harris.

Humes and Harris worked on the mural that covers the exterior wall of the Tower Theater. The duo will teach a virtual session that Apple will share as part of this Today at Apple program.

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