Apple Touts the iPad Pro’s Benefits over PCs in Incredibly Cheeky New Ad Series

Apple iPad Pro Ad
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Apple has released a new series of iPad Pro ads amidst growing anticipation of an upcoming refresh of the devices.

Each 15-second video is a response to a Twitter comment or question about the iPad series. Three of the ads state specific advantages that the iPad Pro has in comparison to a computer — specifically, a Windows PC.

“My laptop has the nastiest virus and I’m terrified,” one of the ads’ Tweets says. In response, the narrator notes that “an iPad Pro doesn’t get PC viruses, so relax. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”


Another ad responds to a Tweet that claims an iPad Pro is “not even close to being a computer.” The narrator, in turn, says that an iPad Pro is “faster than most laptops, has LTE like your phone, and a touchscreen you can write on.” A third ad expands on the LTE claim, noting that users can get internet access “pretty much anywhere.” The last ad touts Microsoft Word’s availability on the App Store — and the app’s Apple Pencil support on the iPad Pro.


Although the ads are probably referring to the current generation of iPad Pro, Apple is expected to release a trio of new iPad models sometime this year — including an updated 12.9-inch iPad Pro model and a rumored 10.5-inch Pro tablet with minimal bezels. These two devices are expected to run on Cupertino’s new A10X processor. A third device, rumored to be an entry-level iPad, is expected to run on a lower-cost A9X chipset.

The timing of these spots is a bit unusual, as Apple typically doesn’t run ads so close to the supposed end of a device’s life cycle. Then again, a timeframe for the new iPad lineup hasn’t been nailed down — various reports have claimed a tentative release date as soon as March, or as late as the second half of 2017.

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