Apple to Release $300 Coffee Table Book Featuring High-quality Photos of Its Most Beautiful Devices

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Apple’s latest product won’t be a new, innovative device — instead, it’ll be a coffee table book filled with pictures of its revolutionary technology.

The book, “Designed by Apple in California,” will release on Wednesday, and features high-quality photographs of some of Apple’s most famous releases. The first entry is the 1998 iMac that cemented Apple’s reputation as a technology innovator, and the last is the Apple Pencil, 2015’s iPad Pro smart stylus.

And, in fact, the iMac is probably the best place an Apple design book could start. Steve Jobs took the helm at Cupertino a year before its release — and he went on to turn Apple around, transforming it from a normal tech company to the producer of some of the most innovative and revolutionary technology in the last two decades. Quite appropriately, the book is dedicated to Jobs, according to CNN.

Not that every product featured in the book was successful — “Designed by Apple in California” also has some interesting, retail flops, including the G4 Cube and the Power Mac. Even the Apple Watch failed to become the sales sensation that many predicted it would be. But those devices are featured right alongside game-changers like the iPod and iPhone.

But despite that, the book is still an ode to Apple’s obsession with design. The photographs are shot and laid out in a “deliberately spare style,” and true to Apple’s reputation, even the book itself is thoughtfully designed. It’s printed on “specially milled, custom-dyed paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost ink. The entire package is bound with white linen, according to Apple’s website.

And compiling the book itself was reportedly not as easy as it seems. Before chief photographer Andrew Zuckerman could shoot the products, Apple actually had to go out and buy many of the older devices, according to CultofMac. But now, Apple has started building an archive of every product it’s ever released, Jony Ive told design journal Wallpaper in a recent interview.

“Designed by Apple in California” will come in two hardcover sizes — a small version for $199 and a large version for $299. It’ll be available for purchase on Apple’s website starting Wednesday, Nov. 16.

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