Apple Submits 3rd Mystery Wireless Device with Bluetooth and NFC Capabilities to FCC

Apple Mystery Device
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Apple has submitted a third mysterious, as-of-yet unnamed “wireless device” to the FCC for regulatory approval.

The new filing, which was revealed by a weekly update of the FCC’s database, lists a device with a model number of A1845. The first mystery device — submitted in September — carried a model number of A1844, and a second filing submitted last month had a model number of A1846. None of these model numbers correspond with any current Apple products.

That fact led to many theories about what the mystery filing could be. According to the first regulatory filing specifications, the A1844 device is about the size and shape of a fourth-gen Apple TV, with similar screw placements. Interestingly, Apple has apparently cropped that part of the image out in the second and third filings — perhaps to obscure hints about the device’s true purpose.

As with the previous two FCC filings, Cupertino has requested confidentiality for most of the included documentation — including photos, manuals and schematics. Here’s the information we do know, according to the non-confidential information in the filing.

  • All three devices share a power draw of 100mA with a peak of 700mA.
  • Similarly, all three mystery devices have a voltage rating between 5.5 volts and 13.2 volts.
  • There is no Wi-Fi testing mentioned in the documentation, indicating that the mystery devices would either use existing Wi-Fi hardware — or they won’t have Wi-Fi at all.

While the device could be an upcoming consumer-facing Apple product, it’s more likely that the device has a more internal purpose. The FCC regulatory information and a wiring guide is etched directly onto the back plates of all three — which is not typical on consumer Apple products. Despite that, rumors about the mystery devices abound — ranging the gamut from a new version of Apple TV to a smart home automation hub.

The most likely scenario, however, is that the mystery filings belong to some kind of display unit or retail device meant for use in Apple Stores — since the NFC capabilities of all three seem to hint at Apple Pay support.

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Featured Image: Martin Hajek
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