Apple Strives to Lure Android Users to iPhone with New Ads and Dedicated Site

Apple's New Webpage and Ads Will Lure Android Users to iPhone Credit: Image via Apple
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In an overt bid to lure Android users over to the iOS ecosystem, Apple has overhauled its webpage extolling the benefits of the iPhone over other smartphones. The iPhone maker launched this salvo against rival Google on Monday along with a series of 16-second video ads on its YouTube channel in order to highlight the iPhone’s advantages and how simple it is to switch over from Android.

The sleek and no-frills page is essentially a vertically-scrollable FAQ guide that relies less on text and more on graphics and clever animations to convey its message. It begins with the logline, “Life is Easier on iPhone”, and ends with iPhone price/model comparisons, as well as an offer to earn up to $260 in credit when you trade in an eligible smartphone.

Like the previous page, the new ‘Switch from Android to iPhone’ page promises that the transition to iOS will be an easy one thanks to the ‘Move to iOS’ app. The app, which is available on the Google Play Store, is dedicated to transferring contacts, mail accounts, messages, photos, videos and the like from Android. Android has a similar ‘Switch’ guide, by the way, detailing how to transfer your data from iOS in “3 easy steps”.

But while Apple’s old site focused more on the logistics of switching over to iOS from Android, the revamped webpage spends more time selling the iPhone, mentioning features like its camera, advanced chipset, and Messages app. It also touts Apple’s commitment to privacy and the environment for good measure.

Apple has long been focused on convincing Android users to transition over to the iPhone, and it makes mention of the number of “switchers” in nearly every earnings call, suggesting that it’s a metric that the iPhone maker is heavily invested in. During the company’s latest March earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook boasted: “We saw the largest absolute number of switchers outside of greater China that we’ve ever seen in the same period.”

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