Apple Stores to Install Custom Safes for Gold Apple Watches

0203applewatch1 Credit: Apple
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The upcoming release of the Apple Watch this April marks somewhat uncharted territory for Apple’s retail stores. Apple stores around the country are going to be taking a cue from jewelry stores in the storage and handling of the new accessory.

Apple retail stores are reportedly installing custom safes to house the more expensive editions of the watch, most notably the 18-carat gold Apple Watch, which may retail for up to $5,000. The custom safes will store inventory for the gold watches, and will also provide overnight storage for the in-store demo units customers will be able to try on. The safes are said to be fitted with MagSafe chargers to ensure that the demo units will remain powered up and ready to go for consumers each day.

Rumors suggest that the safes may not be the only security measures in place for the watches. Retail stores are rumored to be carrying scales, used to weigh the watches to measure the amount of gold in the premium editions of the watches. The scales will mainly be used to nullify the efforts of criminals looking to swap out fakes of the gold watches while taking advantage of the ability to demo watches in-store.

The installation of these security measures may indicate just how expensive the premium editions of the Apple Watch may be. While base versions of the watch will retail at $349, the price point of the more expensive editions (most notably the gold edition) are yet unannounced. As stated earlier, rumors circling the internet have suggested that the most expensive versions of the watch may retail for up to $5,000. Although the custom safes and scales point to a high price point for gold editions, such rumors are yet to be confirmed.

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