Apple Slashes iPhone Prices in Japan by Almost 10%

Apple Slashes iPhone Prices in Japan by Almost 10%
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Apple has slashed the prices of almost their entire iPhone lineup in Japan. Every storage option of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and even the brand new 4-inch iPhone SE all saw price reductions of roughly 9% last weekend.

First spotted by Japanese Apple blog Macotakara, the new prices of the devices can be seen on Apple’s Japanese website. A 16GB iPhone 6, which previously ran customers ¥74,800 (roughly $672) is now available for ¥67,800 (roughly $609), representing a $63 savings in U.S. dollars.

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The savings for more expensive configurations are even greater – the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus, which was previous available for ¥122,800 (roughly $1,102), can now be purchased for ¥113,800 (roughly $1,021) – an $81 savings.

As with any purchase from the Apple store, the company will honor the new price for any customer that purchased a phone within the last 14 days – good news for recent purchasers of new iPhones in Japan. Unfortunately, however, early adopters of the iPhone SE likely just missed out on that 14-day window for the reduced price.

While Apple has given no statement as for the reason for the price drop, the company periodically adjusts their prices due to fluctuating exchange rates between countries. The yen was trading at almost ¥125 per $1 almost a year ago, and has adjusted to almost ¥110 per $1 this week. The price changes will likely save Japanese customers quite a bit of money throughout the duration of this reduction.

A chart with the full listing of price reductions for iPhone configurations can be found below.

Model 16GB 64GB 128GB
iPhone SE ¥52,800 – ¥47,800 ¥64,800 – ¥59,800
iPhone 6 ¥74,800 – ¥67,800 ¥86,800 – ¥78,800
iPhone 6 Plus ¥86,800 – ¥78,800 ¥98,800 – ¥89,800
iPhone 6s ¥86,800 – ¥78,800 ¥98,800 – ¥89,800 ¥110,800 – ¥101,800
iPhone 6s Plus ¥98,800 – ¥89,800 ¥110,800 – ¥101,800 ¥122,800 – ¥113,800

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Are you going to take advantage of the price cuts in Japan? Let us know in the comments!

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