Apple Shows off the iPhone X’s Powerful A11 Bionic Chip in New Ad

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Apple has highlighted the powerful A11 Bionic chip for the first time in a new ad spot posted to its YouTube channel.

The ad, titled Unleashed, shows a young man walking down a street playing iOS game Vainglory on his iPhone X.

Suddenly, the game’s environment and characters “come to life” around him. That includes an army of the Vainglory enemies, who start to attack the student. He valiantly fights them off — both in the real world and in his game. The battle ultimately culminates in defeating a large boss-like character.

Cleverly, the young man also smoothly performs a bit of multitasking while defeating the enemies around him, including sending a text and switching over to another app without skipping a beat — presumably to show off the performance of the A11 Bionic.

While Apple is, of course, touting the benefits of its chip, the A11 Bionic is a strikingly powerful piece of silicon. Created using a 10-nanometer process, it’s a six-core 2.4GHz chip.

That allows it to play console-quality video games, as well as perform CPU-intensive tasks like augmented reality experiences and graphics rendering.

The A11 has two performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, but the “Bionic” portion of the name refers to the two cores dedicated to a neural engine, which powers Face ID and other A.I.-related operations.

The Vainglory ad is also notable because Apple’s increasingly powerful A-series chips have ushered in a new era of mobile gaming. It was only a matter of time before Apple doubled-down on this connection.

Vainglory’s developers have also announced an exclusive in-game skin related to the ad that can be downloaded and used by players.

Apple has released a series of ads touting various features of its flagship iPhone X handset. That includes spots showing off Face ID, Animoji, Portrait Mode and others.


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