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Apple Ranks Behind Google, Amazon, Microsoft in ‘Ideal Employer’ Survey

Apple Ranks Behind Google, Amazon, Microsoft in 'Ideal Employer' Survey
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Apple seems like a great place to work. But, interestingly, the company has ranked fourth in a recent survey of ideal employers — trailing behind Google, Amazon and Microsoft (first, second and third, respectively).

Dice, an online careers website, conducted the online survey from June through August 2017. The company polled 5,477 tech professionals, who were asked to give their top three choices for the most ideal tech firm to work for, as well as important attributes for those firms to have. While Apple ranked fourth, it managed to edge out Facebook, IBM, Disney and Tesla — in that order.

As far as what matters most to them in a company, the respondents listed competitive salaries, challenging work, benefits, organizational culture and good communication are the most important factors.

In addition to ranking the company, Dice also highlighted several of Apple’s key strengths, which included equity awards, industry innovation and its progressive stance on diversity and social issues.

The survey results are, of course, very subjective — and they likely focus on executive and corporate positions, rather than individuals who work for Apple’s retail arm. Despite that, Apple employees stand to benefit from a generous compensation package and the chance to work on products that CEO Tim Cook believes “change the world.”

While Dice’s survey offers a tiny glimpse into what it’s like to work at Apple, former employees have revealed more of the company’s culture. For example, two former managers at Cupertino said in an August interview that the work ethic (particularly among upper management) is “crazy.” Those former Apple employees also said that many people who work there “are nuts” — not mean or spiteful, “just intense.”

Dice isn’t the only firm or platform that ranks companies based on their employees’ experience. This year, Apple ranked 36th in the best place to work in the U.S. by Glassdoor, a popular anonymous workplace review site. Apple has an average 4 out of 5 star-rating on the platform, and CEO Tim Cook has a 93 percent approval rating.

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