Apple Ranks #1 on Greenpeace’s Clean Energy Index

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Apple is making an impact in more ways than one. Not only is the tech giant a key player in the mobile, wearable technology, and computer markets, but is now the leader on Greenpeace’s 2015 Clean Energy Index chart.


Compiled by Greenpeace, a global campaigning organization that focuses on environmental change and health, the Clean Energy Index reflects which major online companies are the most green according to Greenpeace’s green standards. The companies on the list are rated from A to F based on a number of factors. These factors include Energy Transparency, Renewable Energy Commitment & Infrastructure Siting, Energy Efficiency & Mitigation Strategy, and Renewable Energy Use & Advocacy. All of these elements are compiled to “measure the percentage of total energy consumption which comes from clean, renewable sources and rate that against its nuclear, coal, and natural gas use.”

Apple took the first slot on Greenpeace’s list, with an A rating in each category, and generating 100% of their energy from renewable means. There is no doubt that their $850 million investment in a 1,300 acre solar farm in California also had an impact on their score.


Apple has achieved amazingly green results, however, some big companies faltered on Greenpeace’s list. Amazon was criticized for their lack of usable information, earning them an “F” for transparency and an overall score of 23%. Microsoft wasn’t far away with 39%, and Google dropped in at 46%.

This initiative is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to renewable energy powering the internet’s top companies. “Internet companies need to work together to push utilities and policymakers to provide them with 100pc renewable energy and avoid the creation of a dirty internet” said Gary Cook, senior IT analyst for Greenpeace USA, to Silicon Republic.

All of this comes in the wake of an era dependent on massive digital infrastructure. From streaming music, to online retailers, digital companies are becoming a powerful force. Large online companies have the same responsibility as traditional companies, and that is to take care of the earth they operate on. The companies who ranked lower on the list should take a note from Apple’s book and begin cleaner practices to ensure a green future for everyone.

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