Apple Promotes Apple Watch as Centerpiece of Corporate Wellness Programs

Apple Promotes Apple Watch as Centerpiece of Corporate Wellness Programs
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A new section of Apple’s website is promoting the Apple Watch as a “centerpiece” of corporate wellness programs.

The Apple microsite touts the Watch’s benefits to corporate wellness and overall productivity, and seems to be indicative of an increased effort to market the Apple Watch to companies. Besides the usual step-tracking and exercise features of wearables, Apple states that the Watch can help in areas such as nutrition and mindfulness. The company is also promoting apps like Lose It!, Virgin Pulse, and Vitality as their own wellness solutions, and part of the Watch’s holistic approach to health.

“From practicing mindfulness to reaching fitness goals, wellness keeps employees healthy and energized,” the website reads. “Apple Watch is designed to work seamlessly with your corporate wellness program so employees stay active, healthy, and productive throughout the day.”

A dedicated email address — — is available for companies exploring integration of the Apple Watch into their wellness programs. Companies with fewer than 100 employees can start their own wellness programs by visiting an Apple Store. Corporations larger than that are directed to contact Apple directly, AppleInsider reported.

As part of the initiative, companies can pick a wellness focus as well as which specific apps will be integral parts of the program. Apple is also offering individualized assistance to employees whose company has an Apple Watch-based program — including a personal appointment to set up and customize each employee’s Watch.

Aside from wellness, the company is also marketing the Apple Watch as a productivity tool — citing apps like Messages, Calendar, and Hours Tracker as tools that “drive productivity.”

Apple has already provided wellness programs to companies such as IBM, Lockton, DaVita and Aetna. The latter company specifically announced that it was using the Apple Watch to encourage its more than 50,000 employees to be more active and healthier, 9to5Mac reported.

“Building a healthier world starts with our own employees,” said Tom Weidenkopf, executive vice president at Aetna. He added that the company is “excited to offer Apple Watch to [their employees] to make it easy for them to manage their health.”

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