Apple Products Rank High on Google’s Most Searched Terms of 2015, Along with More Peculiar Terms

iPhone 6s, Apple Watch, and iPad Pro All Featured on Google's Most Searched Terms of 2015

Google has published lists of the most searched terms for 2015, showing off some pretty interesting results.

In fact, when it came to technology searches, the iPhone 6s topped the global list. Not only that, but a pretty hefty three of the top five searches were Apple products, with the Apple Watch snagging third place and the iPad Pro coming in fourth.

image1Of course, Apple wasn’t the only company to feature on the list. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the second most searched tech-related item on the list, and the LG G4 came in fifth.

Put basically, there were three Apple terms, three Samsung terms, one LG, and one HTC. While Apple and Samsung were both heavily searched, Apple-related searches were ranked higher than their Samsung counterparts.

Tech also wasn’t the only category that Google published, with none of the top ten search results for tech featuring on the top ten list overall. In fact, the top ten searches overall revealed some pretty interesting trends.

The most searched term of 2015 was Lamar Odom, who was hospitalized in October after being discovered unconscious at a brothel. In second place was Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine that went through a terrorist attack in January.

Third up was, which is an online action game, followed by the new movie, Jurassic World. Paris was the fifth most searched term this year, likely due to the Paris terror attacks in November. Other searches included Furious 7, Fallout 4, Ronda Rousey, Caitlyn Jenner, and American Sniper.

For reference, the most searched terms of 2014 were Robin Williams, World Cup, and Ebola.


It makes sense that at least as far as tech goes, Apple products heavily featured on the list. Apple has had a pretty big year. The iPhone 6s was a big release for the company, and while it doesn’t really have any real design differences compared to the iPhone 6, there are a number of great new technologies implemented in the device.

For example, the iPhone 6s features 3D Touch, a pressure-sensitivity technology that enables users to input different commands into their device based on how hard they press on the display. This is most often used in things like home screen icons, and using 3D Touch with these icons allows users to quickly access different sections of the apps.

It also makes sense that the Apple Watch featured on the list. The Apple Watch is Apple’s latest new product line, and in many ways is revolutionizing the wearable space. This because, in classic Apple fashion, the device is more than just technology, it’s also a fashion accessory. Wearables in general need to be treated as fashion items rather than just new gadgets, because of the fact that they are being worn by the user.

Users don’t want to wear an ugly device, and that was largely the thinking behind the Apple Watch. That’s also thinking that hasn’t really gone into the creation of many other wearable devices, with the first few waves of smartwatches, made by companies like Samsung essentially just being miniature phones that strap to the wrist.

Last but not least, it also makes sense that the iPad Pro is featured on the list. The iPad Pro is the largest tablet that Apple has ever made, and for good reason. The tablet is largely aimed at the artist, as highlighted by the fact that Apple is offering the Apple Pencil alongside it.

Apple is even going as far as to suggest that the iPad Pro is a good laptop replacement, however many dispute this, saying that while the tablet is powerful, the fact that it runs a mobile operating system makes it pretty limited in what it can do. It will certainly be interesting to see what Apple does for future versions of the iPad Pro.

Other than the top global searches and the top tech searches, Google also published results about the top searches in categories like people, movies, TV, news, and loss. It’s important to note that Google’s results really only reflect trends in countries where Google is the prominent search engine.

In China, for example, Baidu is the top search engine, and as such Google’s global trends probably don’t accurately reflect trends in China.

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