Apple Prepares to Build More Data Centers in Reno, What This Means for You

Apple Prepares to Build More Data Centers in Reno - What This Means for You
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According to a recent report published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, Apple is in the preliminary stages of beginning construction that will further expand its existing data center in Reno, Nevada.

We recently reported on Apple’s continuous effort to build upon its existing data center in Reno, however the paper confirmed that Apple has recently filed a permit with the county that will allow it to build a new data center adjacent to its existing facilities.

iDrop_AppleRenoDataCenter_01The report claims that Apple’s new data center project will be codenamed “Project Huckleberry,” and that it will feature a consortium of data clusters in addition to a support building, very similar to its existing data center in the city — which is codenamed “Project Mills.”

Washoe County senior planner, Trevor Lloyd, told the Reno-Gazette Journal that, “It’s a whole different set of buildings but it looks like it is going to be essentially the same design as Project Mills, only turned perpendicularly to the east.”

Surprising it may be, especially considering that Apple has yet to complete construction on its Project Mills operation, and, according to the news organization, has invested upwards of $1 Billion in the project thus far. Project Mills consists of 14 individual buildings boasting 412,000 square feet of space, which features data clusters that are responsible for storing information and data pertaining to the company’s cloud services — such as iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store.

Apple anticipates that it will be granted the patent by the end of January, 2016.

So, you might be wondering — well, what on Earth does this data center mumbo jumbo mean for me? To be frank, the move could signify a number of things. For starters, as Apple continues to release new products, year after year — for example, the Apple Watch and TV — and as more customers adopt their products, the company will need more storage space to store user information such as iCloud backups, photos, and Apps.

Additionally, it could signify that other products are looming just over the horizon — and thus, the data centers would be needed simply because even MORE user data would have to be stored than Apple’s current centers can accommodate.

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