Apple Park Staff Given Luxurious Standing Desks Because ‘Sitting Is the New Cancer’

Apple Standing Desks Credit: Twitter
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Motorized standing desks (also refereed to as sit-to-stand desks) are among the most innovative, forward-thinking and health-minded office innovations to emerge on the scene. These furniture essentials allow users to control the height of their workspace with the simple push of a button, allowing them to easily convert and alternate between sitting or standing positions.

They’re pretty expensive, ranging in price from the mid-$300s to well over a thousand dollars apiece depending on your chosen brand, design and configuration. But, standing desks are nevertheless desirable for the many health benefits they offer; which explains, at least partially, why Apple may have opted to give each of its 12,000 full-time employees at Apple Park their very own standing desk to get work done on.

“We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a wide-ranging interview with David Rubenstein earlier this week, noting that “If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle.”

It’s not entirely clear from Cook’s comments what brand of standing desk Apple opted to purchase for its employees, but a variety of standing desk models are currently available through furniture vendors including IKEA, Varidesk, Vivo, and many others.

A Tweet published by Twitter user @domneill on Thursday, meanwhile, purports to show actual images of the desks Apple employed. Ultimately, these images reveal a completely unique desk and control mechanism design which is unlike many of the designs currently available online, suggesting that Apple may have had custom desks built to order.

Apple’s top boss is apparently no fan of “sitting,” though, as we learned when the soft-spoken Cook likened the action of ‘sitting down’ with an unhealthy lifestyle — specifically, one promotive of cancer — during a 2015 interview with The Guardian.

However it’s worth noting that these desks are specifically designed to easily transition between positions in a matter of seconds, allowing employees to determine a height that fits their needs best.

Employees being gifted standing desks is merely the latest, and most luxurious detail to emerge of Apple Park’s many quintessential opulences. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Apple chose to drop an estimated $14.2 million on Vitra Pacific office chairs for each of its 1,200 Apple Park employees. 

Designed by U.K.-based industrial designers Jay Osgerby and Ed Barber, the Vitra Pacific represents the most ambitious yet minimalist product ever to emerge from the renowned Barber Osgerby design studio, and cost Apple a whopping $1,200 apiece.

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