Apple Officially Releases iOS 10.1.1, Fixes Disappearing Health Data Bug

Apple Officially Releases iOS 10.1.1, Fixes Disappearing Health Data Bug
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Apple’s iOS 10.1 update fixed a lot of subtle issues with iOS 10, but it added its own significant bug: disappearing Health app data. Some iOS 10.1 users started reporting that their Health data, including step and calories counts, would simply disappear. The afflicted users reported that restoring from backups or even factory resets wouldn’t fix the issue or cause lost data to reappear. It was certainly a frustrating glitch for fitness or health-minded iPhone users — and could even snarl user attempts to use health data to manage health or illnesses with their doctors, Forbes reported.

This caused some users to wrestle with the choice whether or not to download iOS 10.1, since the update included a fix for a serious security flaw that could let hackers hijack iOS devices just by having the user view a compromised image file or PDF, which would then send the user to a malicious website. The security flaw definitely put dedicated Apple Health users in a difficult spot.

But Apple has been quick to respond. Today, they released iOS 10.1.1, which is now available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices running iOS 10.1. The small update fixes the Health data bug, restoring lost data and preventing the issue from happening in the future, Cupertino wrote in its release notes.

The update is relatively small — it’s around 70 megabytes — which means that it’s a quick download, and an easy fix for frustrated users. It’s not likely that iOS 10.1.1 has any additional major features or fixes, as the change log only states that the update fixes the Health data bug. In any case, it’s almost certainly worth a download.  iOS 10.1.1 is currently available as an over-the-air update for devices running iOS 10.1.

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