Apple Now Offers ‘Unlocked’ iPhone X with 5-Day Shipping Estimate

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Apple on Tuesday began offering an unlocked (SIM-free) variant of its high-end iPhone X flagship to U.S. customers online and in-store.

While identical in every way to the carrier-locked versions, the main advantage to purchasing a SIM-free iPhone X model is that you’ll be able to use it on essentially any wireless network in the world — whether it’s GSM, CDMA, LTE-based or otherwise  — which is sure to bode well with frequent travelers.

The downside to purchasing one is that you’ll be expected to shell out a cool $999 or $1,149 (plus tax) for it. There are no installment plans for an unlocked iPhone X, as you’d typically get through your carrier or Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. However the company does offer promotional financing via its Barclays issued Apple Credit Card.

Meanwhile, those with impeccable taste and a disposable income will be happy to know that the process of purchasing an unlocked iPhone X is simple — and you should even be able to get one in time for Christmas if you act fast.

Where to Buy an Unlocked iPhone X

  1. Head on over to Apple’s website, then click Buy on the iPhone X page (similar to how you’d purchase a carrier-locked variant of the phone).
  2. Select, ‘Buy Without a Carrier’ from the purchase options and then follow the onscreen checkout prompts.

As of 11:30 am Tuesday, Apple is quoting shipping estimates of 5 days for U.S. customers, which applies to all iPhone X colors and capacities. Additionally, customers can try their luck finding one of the handsets at their local Apple Store by checking available stock online. And don’t forget to enter our iPhone X giveaway, here.

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