Apple Now Offers up to $175 to Recycle Your Apple Watch

Apple Now Offers up to $175 to Recycle Your Apple Watch
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Apple is now offering gift card compensation for Apple Watch owners who choose to recycle their working devices through the company’s Renew program.

Cupertino first started accepting Apple Watch trade-ins in the program last year, but only by way of a free recycling option — unlike its other products. Now, Apple has updated its Renew recycling program to give gift card compensations to users who trade-in their Apple Watch in good working condition.

Apple Watch models that are eligible for a gift card trade-in include the following devices in various sizes and configurations.

  • Original Apple Watch (sometimes known as the Series 0)
  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch Series 2

The gift card compensation varies depending on device and configuration, but payouts range from $50 to $175. A 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch Series 1 in full working order will net users an $175 gift card, for example — the highest payout available through the program. On the flip side, a 42mm original Apple Watch Sport will only net users a $50 gift card.

“Working condition” is a bit vague, of course. But Apple defines devices in working condition by the following criteria.

  • Enclosure and display are in good condition. (Though Apple allows for devices with normal wear and tear).
  • No obvious signs of water or liquid damage.
  • All analog buttons are operational.

Apple Watch devices that don’t meet the following criteria are still eligible for the program’s free recycling option, but with no gift card included.

Users can send in their Apple Watch via their own shipping, or by requesting a free shipping box. Device owners are responsible to make sure their Apple Watches meet the criteria, as well as ensuring that all data on the wearable is wiped and the battery is fully charged. At this time, it doesn’t seem like you need to send in the included charging cables or Apple Watch bands with your recycled device.

Apple offers its recycling services through a partnership with mobile and wireless firm Brightstar. In addition to Apple Watches, the program offers gift cards when users recycle a range of iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs and non-iOS smartphones.


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