Apple Now Offers Instant Credits for Trading in Used Devices Online

Iphone X Money Cash Credit: Sasimoto / Shutterstock
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Apple has updated its GiveBack program to allow for an instant credit toward new products when trading in older devices online.

That means it will be much more convenient for users to use older devices to offset the cost of new ones. Previously, the only ways customers could take advantage of Apple’s trade-in program was to ship the device off and wait for a gift card in the mail, or take a device into a brick-and-mortar Apple Store.

Ahead of the company’s annual fall keynote, and presumably to promote its recycling program, Apple has updated its online storefront and Apple Store app with new GiveBack options.

On a product’s “Buy” page, customers will now see a prominent message asking if they have an older device to trade in or recycle, 9to5Mac spotted.

You will, however, need to enter the serial number of the device in question and answer a couple of questions to get a quick valuation online.

On the other hand, the Apple Store app has a page that lets customers quickly see all of the older devices associated with their Apple ID. Users can tap on one to get a quick value.

The newest devices Apple currently accepts for its GiveBack program are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, as new iPhones are unveiled this year, that list will grow to include the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus.

Earlier this year, Apple rebranded its rescue and recycling program as “Apple GiveBack.” Alongside the new name, the company unveiled a new robot called Daisy that can quickly disassemble and reclaim valuable materials held within iPhones.

Devices that are traded-in will either go to a new owner as part of Apple’s refurbishment initiative, sent to a recycling partner to reduce waste and reclaim precious materials, or if it’s an iPhone, recycled in-house by Daisy.

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