Apple Music Just Gained One of Spotify’s Greatest Features

Apple Music Replay 2019 Credit: Apple Music
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Apple has finally updated its Apple Music streaming service with a new feature that will let subscribers see the music that they listened to most over the past year. The feature, which is dubbed Replay, lets users see all of their top tracks that they played in 2019 in one place. There are also playlists for past years.

In fact, there’s a Replay playlist for every year that you’ve had an Apple Music subscription — all the way back to 2015.

As of Wednesday, Replay is now currently being rolled out on the iOS Music app, the macOS Music app and on the Apple Music web browser page.

It won’t just aggregate all of your top music at the end of the year either. According to TechCrunch, the Replay playlist will continue to be updated throughout a year, meaning it’ll shift and evolve as an Apple Music user’s tastes and interests change.

Apple will reportedly update the Replay playlist each Sunday with new tracks and other data to reflect your current activity.

Presumably, at the end of the year, it’ll tally up your overall top tracks.

You’ll also be able to add the Replay playlists to your Apple Music Library so they can be streamed with other playlists and shared with your friends.

The change is fairly significant because, up until now, Apple has never had an aggregated recap-type playlist. That’s unlike its fiercest competitor, Spotify, which has long had a year-end playlist experience called Wrapped.

Apple Music’s lack of an aggregated playlist has even led MacStories editor Federico Viticci to create his own year-end Wrapped experience using Siri Shortcuts. With today’s change, there’s now a native solution.

Currently, subscribers to Apple Music will be able to see Replay playlists on the Apple Music beta webpage and add them to their libraries.

If you’re not seeing the Replay playlists on your own Apple Music Library on iOS or macOS, you may want to give it some time. As mentioned earlier, the feature is in the midst of being rolled out today so it may take a while to populate on your own app.

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