Apple Maps in iOS 10 Will Remind You Where You Parked Your Car

Apple Maps in iOS 10 Will Remind You Where You Parked Your Car
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Apple’s iOS 10 has a plethora of new features intended to make your life easier, more interesting, and even more fun.

And one of these new additions to Cupertino’s operating system is a nifty feature built into Apple Maps that remembers where you parked your vehicle. That’s right: no more wandering around the parking lot searching for your car.

Starting in iOS 10, Maps will automatically remember where you parked your car at the end of a trip — with the exception of trips that end at your home address. The app will automatically notify you when it thinks your car is parked and drop a pin at its location. You can then view the location, edit it for pinpoint accuracy, and get directions right to your vehicle.

Additionally, the app also offers a notes field which allows you to take a photo of where your car is parked, or which floor or garage number the vehicle is located at. A text field allows you to jot down quick notes or directions to make finding your car even easier.

But even beyond keeping you from wandering around parking lots, Maps in iOS 10 is bound to see a plethora of new features and functionality added to it, thanks to Apple’s implementation of third-party extensions for many of their applications.

In a demonstration at its Developers Conference earlier this year, Apple showed off how these extensions could be used to add and streamline functionality. In the demo, a user was able to find a nearby restaurant, book a reservation, request a ride share, and pay for trip — all without ever leaving Apple Maps.

Apple Maps is also slated to include some other useful features, including quicker and improved access to businesses and locations along your route. The app will also be able to display current traffic and road hazard information better than it has in the past, according to Forbes.

These new features of Apple Maps rolled out with iOS 10, which was officially released on September 13, 2016

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