Apple Is Extending the Company’s Generous Apple TV+ Free Trial (Again)

Apple TV Plus on iPhone Credit: Top_CNX / Shutterstock
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If you are enjoying your free one-year trial to Apple TV+, you’re in luck. Apple will be extending this free trial period (again) that was previously provided to buyers of new Apple hardware. 

If your free Apple TV+ subscription is scheduled to end between now through June, you’ll now have until July 2021 to enjoy your favorite shows as well as upcoming ones.

If you’re not sure if this extension applies to you, keep an eye out for an email from Apple. The company will be notifying all eligible viewers throughout the next few weeks. 

Current paid subscribers should receive credits of $4.99 to their account to offset any conflicts, which is also true for those who upgraded to the Apple One subscription that includes Apple TV+. 

According to 9to5Mac, “The first TV+ extension was announced in October and pushed the first wave of free trial renewals out to February. The new extension means that anyone who didn’t already cancel their subscription will now be able to use it for free for six additional months.”

This time extension allows viewers to get a glimpse of some exciting new content coming to the service (and hopefully increase its value proposition for those who aren’t totally sold on it).

Check out a few trailers below for new Apple TV+ content you can expect to launch throughout the following months.

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