Apple Has Shipped 7 Million Watches, and Counting

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Many naysayers thought that the Apple Watch was gimmicky, lacked functionality, and was late to the world of wearable technology.

However, these folks could not have foretold what the future would hold for the Apple Watch. And the numbers alone prove these cynics wrong: according to research firm Canalys, Apple has shipped a whopping 7 million units since its release in April.

apple_watch_7_million_2Although slightly late to the wearable technology genre, analysts saw big promise in the device and its potential as a contender in wearable technology. And Apple did just that: they put a mark on the tech world by delivering the Apple Watch with more functionality and more style than its competitors. It’s sleek design, interchangeable watch faces, band customization, apps, and more have made it a must-have device for all Apple fanatics.

But doesn’t 7 million seem like a small number? On the contrary, it’s a big deal, especially considering that these numbers come “in excess of all other vendors’ combined shipments over the previous five quarters,” according to Canalys.

apple_watch_7_million_featured_imageAs far as smart watches are concerned, Apple will need to continue to fend off the competition in the wearable technology market. For instance, long-standing company Pebble brought in high numbers (a reported 200,000 units in their first quarter) with the release of their Pebble Time Steel. Other runner-ups like Fossil and Tag Heuer will likely be unleashing wearable technology before year’s end, further broadening the smart watch field.

But if Apple stays on top of its game, keeps the Apple Watch fresh (with new colors, bands, and OS features), and continues its lifestyle appeal, the Apple Watch should have no problem staying on top of the wearable tech market.

Plus, the holiday shopping season should only help to increase the device’s sales. As analyst Daniel Matte said to Digital Trends: “Apple managed to overcome its production struggles with the Apple Watch and is building momentum going into [the fourth quarter].”

Do you own an Apple Watch? How has it positively affected your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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