Apple Has Already Renewed ‘For All Mankind’ for Another Season

For All Makind Premiere Cast Credit: Apple
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Apple’s new streaming service hasn’t even officially opened its doors, yet the company has enough confidence in its original shows that it’s already renewing some of them for a second season before the first episode has even hit the screens of the new service, which technically doesn’t even have any subscribers yet either.

Apple premiered For All Mankind at a gala event last night at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California. The series, created by Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek fame, is expected to be a captivating hypothetical take on how history would have played out if the Soviet Union had made it to the moon first and the global space race had never ended.

While Apple released a trailer for the series back in July, along with a 15-minute preview of the first episode at last week’s New York Comic Con, this was the first time an episode has been shown to any audience in its entirety.

The premiere also represents one of Apple’s first big forays into positioning itself as a Hollywood player, with the theatre decked out with the Apple TV+ logo and the typographic title of the series. Stars Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, Wrenn Schmidt and Jodi Balfour were also in attendance at the premiere.

During the New York Comic Con last week, For All Mankind was pitched as “Mad Men for NASA,” and as a period piece set in the 1960’s heyday of the space program, it’s easy to see the connection.

The first three episodes of For All Mankind will arrive when Apple TV+ officially launches on Nov. 1, with new episodes coming weekly every Friday after that, but according to Deadline, Apple has already begun production of the second season of the series.

A Company for All Seasons

Although Apple picked up two seasons of The Morning Show right from the beginning, most of its other projects were only signed as single seasons, usually for around 10 episodes each, so it’s going to be important for the company to begin making deals to continue its key stories if it wants to maintain its momentum without falling into long hiatuses between shows that could cause subscribers to lose interest.

As Deadline notes, this also helps the company amortize costs, and although Apple hasn’t confirmed any renewals, the report also cites sources that have revealed that See and Dickinson are also both in the process of being renewed, along with anthology immigrant comedy Little America, which has yet to even see a release date for its first season, as well as another young detective story, Home Before Dark, which we’ve heard very little about as of yet.

This doesn’t even include Apple’s foray into feature films, where the company is already planning to debut its first original movie in theatres this Friday as the first step in what is expected to be a string of major Hollywood theatrical releases for its feature films before they come to Apple TV+.

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