Apple Finally Refreshes Entire iPod Lineup

Apple Finally Refreshes Entire iPod Lineup

The rumors were true – almost two weeks ago we revealed a leaked set of photos hidden in the new iTunes 12.2 app. The photos featured a new lineup of iPods in a variety of new colors. The calendar app in the photos displayed a date of July 14. Well, last night, on July 14, Apple launched their first refresh of the iPod line since 2012.

Apple launched a new line of iPod Shuffles, Nanos, and Touches last night. The iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano remain largely the same, aside from a few color changes. The Shuffle, Nano, and Touch are now available in five colors – silver, gold, space grey, pink, and blue. For a limited time, the iPods are available in red, as well, to support the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.


The changes to the iPod Touch, however, were not simply cosmetic. A host of impressive hardware changes brings the new Touch more in line with the iPhone 6. Although the Touch still sports the same 4” screen size, it now features an A8 processor and an 8-megapixel camera (an upgrade from the previous 5-megapixel camera), the same processor and camera used in the iPhone 6. The new Touch will be able to handle gaming and videos just as well as Apple’s flagship phone does. An improved FaceTime camera and better fitness tracking were added, as well, making the new iPod Touch quite an upgrade over the old one.

Apple Music, Apple’s new streaming service, of course had to be added into the mix, as well. The new iPod Touch models come with iOS 8.4 pre-installed, with full access to the new Apple Music app.

071515-IPODUPDATE-3The iPod Shuffle is available at the Apple Store for $49, while the Nano is available for $149. The iPod Touch is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and the new 128GB models, costing $199, $249, $299, and $399 respectively.071515-IPODUPDATE-2

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